January 7, 2010 Sandra Dawes

Now that we are done with the Christmas goodies and New Year’s champagne, it’s time for the “love it or hate it” Valentine’s Day (or so the stores tell us, with an abundance of chocolates and stuffed animals).  If you’re single, Valentine’s Day can be a dreadful reminder of your lack of partner, if you’re a couple, it can be unnecessary pressure to extravagantly demonstrate your love…

My suggestion?  Do something extravagant for the person you love and know the best… YOURSELF!  Whether you are single or with someone, self-love is the most important relationship that you have.  If you don’t love and honour yourself, how can you expect anyone else to?  This has been a difficult lesson for me, and I’m still learning.  It took a long time to realize that I needed to love myself, and not wait for someone else to make grand gestures to allow me to feel loved.  Make 2010 the year you strengthen the relationship with yourself – spend quality time, do nice things, and don’t forget to tell yourself how much you love and appreciate YOU!  You’ll be amazed at the experiences and people that come into your life. ♥

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