Anything IS possible

January 24, 2010 Sandra Dawes

Each day that passes, we continue to hear about survivors found amongst the rubble in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.  With each news report, we continue to hear how unlikely it is that there will be anymore survivors to be found, and today a man in his twenties beat the odds by surviving 11 days amongst the rubble of the hotel where he worked.

With each miracle, we hear the survivors recant how they used their faith to keep them going, when logic says it is impossible.  Whether it was prayer, affirmations, thinking about all the things they were going to do when they got out – all of these survivors have proven that faith is the strongest tool we can have in this journey called life. 

If you have faith in all that you do, you will always achieve what it is you put your mind to, whether it is surviving the unsurvivable so you can see your loved ones again, going back to school or starting a new career or finding unconditional love, it’s all yours, as long as you believe… ♥

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