January 30, 2010 Sandra Dawes

I just started practicing meditation in 2009. Until last year, I hadn’t been doing much in terms of spiritual work. I had been reading books, and some ideas resonated with me, but I hadn’t really done anything to change my habits…

I started with guided meditations by Wayne Dyer and Doreen Virtue (if you haven’t had the opportunity to experience either of these individuals’ guided meditations, I highly suggest it!). Their voices are soothing, and really helped me quiet my mind.

It wasn’t easy to quiet all of the noise in my head, it started with brief moments, and as I continue to practice, the moments are getting longer. I have now made meditation part of my “wake up” and going to “bed rituals” every day. It’s become part of my daily habit – so much so, that when I don’t take the time to meditate, I feel a bit off for the day.

I am actually started practicing meditation without using a voice guiding me throughout the process. I’m now using music, or sitting in complete silence, and finding that to be an interesting challenge in the exercise of quieting the mind.  I enjoy meditation, I find that no matter how stressed I may have gotten throughout the day, 20 minutes of meditation can make a world of difference!

I am working on creating meditation mp3s to help myself and others with the practice of meditation. They will be original tracks created by producer, composer and songwriter Satnam Singh Chatha for 5 Rivers Entertainment Inc. If you are interesting getting a copy of the tracks when they are available, please complete the form to your left and you will be notified in our newsletter. ♥

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