The Olympics…

February 17, 2010 Sandra Dawes

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have become caught up in Olympic fever. I love watching the world’s best athletes compete against one another, even if it’s in events that I would normally not have any interest in. There’s just something about the Olympics that pulls me in.

I’ve found it so interesting the common commentary from the Canadian athletes about feeling the energy from the crowd. I love the fact that the positive energy from the crowd is motivating the athletes and that they recognize it! Not only that, but I’ve also heard commentators talk about athletes using visualizations as part of their training!

If you’ve read books on spirituality and the law of attraction, you are familiar with the power of visualizations and how important the energy you surround yourself with is to your well-being and success. When you think that the world’s top athletes are using these same tools to achieve success, breaking world records and winning gold, silver or bronze medals, it’s got to be encouraging to want to incorporate these same tools into your own life.

I have been doing visualizations for almost six months and I have seen some positive results. I am sure with more consistency and intensity, the goals I haven’t realized yet will become a reality. Much like the athletes at the Olympics, I am determined to make my dreams a reality!♥

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