Ask and it is Given

March 30, 2010 Sandra Dawes

I have been working on consciously incorporating the law of attraction into my life for over three years now.  When I first started, I had my doubts about the reality of my ability to manifest the life I wanted for myself.  When things were good, they were really good, and then I would have moment that weren’t so good.

It was pretty easy when things didn’t go the way I wanted them to go to live in the depths of the victim mentality, wondering why all of kinds of terrible things were happening to me.  It took a lot of work and an elevation of my consciousness to grasp the concept that things we consider to be negative happen to us all the time, however we have it in our power to chose how we deal with these “negative” events.

I have learned, as I reviewed some of the most poignant events in my life happened so that I could get to the place that I am right now.  I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason and I now look at the not so favourable event in my life as an opportunity and not as another example of the universe punishing me for unknown sins.  About six months ago I started to affirm that my abundance and prosperity were constantly increasing, although it wasn’t my reality at the time.  In the first quarter of this year, I have found myself much better off than I was even a year ago.

I have not only found myself in a much better financial position than I was in a year ago, but I am taking better care of my health, getting in shape and feeling a sense a balance that I don’t remember ever having.  I am no longer looking for love outside of myself and understand that I must love and honour myself before I can truly love and honour anyone else.  I am learning to be more aware of my thoughts and my actions and I am pleased with the progress I am making.

If you are longing to uncover the secret of The Secret and discovering the path to your own happiness, please don’t hesitate to contact me. ♥

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