A Course In Miracles

April 10, 2010 Sandra Dawes

I have begun to read A Course In Miracles.  After reading the first two chapters, my head is spinning!  I knew that this book would be thought provoking, but I really had no idea how deep it really was.  If the first two chapters are any indication, this book is going to take me on quite a journey!

I have decided that I will do a series of articles on the lessons that I have learned as I continue to read this book.  I will start by reading the textbook portion of the book and then I will start doing the lessons in the student manual.  I think that this will be a fun project and I hope that anyone reading the articles I will be writing will share their thoughts and perspectives!

So stay posted and I will be writing my first blurb soon!  Here’s to discovering wonderful and amazing lessons in A Course In Miracles! ♥

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