December 14, 2010 Sandra Dawes

Do you believe in miracles?  Growing up, I understood miracles to be rare circumstances, amazing occurrences that happen when all logic says it shouldn’t.  As I get older, my thoughts on miracles are changing.  I no longer think of miracles as some kind of fictitious phenomenon, heard of by many, but seen or experienced by a select few.

A Course in Miraclessays that “miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.” To me, that means that we are all capable of creating miracles, and that they can be a part of our every day experience.  At first glance, this notion seemed a bit strange to me.  I believed that miracles were meant to be rare occurrences, making them all the more special, a reminder to doubters that God really does exist.  A Course in Miracles states that “the use of miracles as spectacles to induce belief is a misunderstanding of their purpose.” Clearly, I was mistaken in my belief!

I’ve been reading A Course in Miraclesfor over six months now and I’ve been doing the lessons since June.  I am truly beginning to understand that miracles do happen every day – it’s just that we are so caught up in the world we have created for ourselves, that we have become blind to the miracles we are blessed with on a daily basis.  A Course in Miracles says that “(m)iracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.”

We are surrounded by miracles all the time.  The very nature of the universe is a miracle.  The cycle of the seasons, the functions of the body’s internal system and the way our thoughts can change our reality are all proof of the kinds of miracles that we experience on a daily basis, but are often unaware or unconscious of.  Instead of focusing on the horrible things that happen in the news everyday, I am trying to focus on all of the amazing things that are happening in my life.  I am realizing that every morning when I open my eyes to see another day is a miracle in itself!

I believe that recognizing that we are surrounded by miracles and that they do actually happen every day, provides us with the ability to truly appreciate how amazing our lives are, even when our experiences don’t bring us the joy we seek.  Recognizing the every day miracles can help us all to overcome our own personal difficulties and see them as minor glitches in the presence of God’s love and grace.  ♥

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