Focus on what you want!

January 17, 2011 Sandra Dawes

Have you ever wondered why you seem to attract the same kind of relationships into your experience.  The names and faces change, but the circumstances don’t.  This may leave you feeling like you are a magnet for what you don’t want in your life, which is true, but this is not a permanent fate – you can get rid of the magnetic pull of things that you don’t want.

The unfortunate reality is that when we focus on the things that we don’t want, we do it with a great deal of passion, and all that does is bring more of it into our experience.  The Law of Attraction states that “that which is like itself is drawn to it”.  So when we focus on how much we don’t want a possessive person, or an emotionally unavailable person to be our partner, we end up with the same characteristics in a different body.

When you have decided that a relationship is no longer working for you – release the relationship with love and forgiveness, of yourself and your former partner.  Once you’ve done that, start focusing on what you do want in your next relationship.  Spend as little time as possible thinking about what went wrong in past relationships and start visualizing what you want your next relationship to look and feel like.  Instead of brooding about the mistakes of the past, your spending time focusing on the amazing future you want for yourself!

This doesn’t mean that you can’t spend time to mourn the end of the relationship, but the truth is that it happened for a reason.  Making your ex a villain and victimizing yourself isn’t going to get you the relationship you want, rather it will just make you upset and soon those around you will tire of the pity party!  So try something new and instead of burning pictures in effigy and adding colourful titles to your ex’s name, learn from the experiences of the past and focus on creating a new, loving, strong relationship that is exactly what you want and deserve! ♥

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