Be impeccable with your word

December 29, 2011 Sandra Dawes

I started to read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz recently.  The first agreement is Be Impeccable with your Word.  While it may appear to be a simple concept at first glance, I’ve realized that this is a critical step if one wishes to achieve the highest level of enlightenment.  Not only is it a vital step, but also it is a serious challenge to anyone who is stuck in the grey area between accepting a mundane life and challenging him or her to realize his or her greatness in its truest form, myself included.

As much work as I’ve done along my journey, I know that there is still a lot to do.  Being impeccable with your word, to me, means being truly conscious of every thought you think and every word you speak.  That is a very tall order and it requires a great deal of reprogramming.  It’s so easy to speak without thinking.  It happens all the time – we say something and as the words are coming out of our mouths we are already wishing we could take them back.  Even in the world of social media, people are getting themselves into trouble posting thoughts or images they, in hindsight, should have kept to themselves. 

We have all become so hooked on drama that gossip occurs and we think nothing of it.  In this age of reality television, we are inundated with the drama in the lives of people we’ve never even met. We easily pass judgement on those that choose to participate in reality programming yet how many of us have found ourselves watching, ego in a state of high power, sitting, judging and feeling superior?  We don’t just do it with strangers on television, but with close friends and family as well.  Instead of focusing on our own areas in need of growth, we choose to analyze and criticize the choices of others.  This is clearly an example of how not to be impeccable with one’s word.

Finding ways to build people up and encouraging them to follow their dreams is another way in which we can stay true to being impeccable with our word.  Instead of putting each other down to make ourselves feel better about our own shortcomings, we need to affirm one another’s divinity and greatness.  We all have something to contribute and that contribution is not going to be fostered by envy and jealousy, but by love and compassion.  We must be mindful that our words are not intended to cause ill will of any kind.

In the same measure that we must help to build up our fellow global citizens, we must also ensure our own levels of confidence and esteem.  If we do not feel good about ourselves, how can we help others to feel good about themselves?  We need to affirm and reaffirm on a daily basis that we are capable of achieving greatness.  Calling ourselves stupid, fat, lazy or any other negative notion, serves no purpose but to make us feel bad about ourselves, and what does that accomplish?  Absolutely nothing other than discouraging you from realizing your highest potential and achieving all of the awesome things you were destined to create!

Yes, being impeccable with your word is a challenge, but once achieved, I have faith that it brings a great feeling of peace.  I feel like it is a concrete step to becoming your own master.  You are not longer being led by the ego, which revels in instant gratification.  You become consciously aware of the power of the thoughts you speak, and so you choose each one carefully.  You understand your ability to create your reality and are self aware enough to know what realities bring you peace of mind and contentment.

With the approach of a new year, I have made a commitment to becoming impeccable with my word.  I choose to be more mindful of my thoughts and my words so I can create the life I want.  I will be more conscious of the words I speak and the intention I am holding.  I am ready to take the next step in my spiritual evolution and know that being impeccable with my word is a vital part in moving forward in my journey. ♥

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