Dealing with obstacles

January 22, 2013 Sandra Dawes

As we near the end of the first month of the New Year, I’ve got to ask: How are those goals coming along?  You remember – the goals you set for yourself just over 3 weeks ago with hope and optimism about how this year was going to be “the one”.  If you’re making headway, congratulations!  If you’re like the majority, however, you’re already starting to lose the momentum you were so full of on January 1st

If you’re serious about making this year different, what are you going to do to keep yourself motivated throughout the rest of the year?  You know there are going to be difficulties; you may have already started to encounter them.  You know your desire to achieve your goals is strong, but you’ve experienced challenges in the past that have taken you off track, so what are you going to do differently so that it doesn’t happen again?

I think that the first step is to be realistic.  While pursuing your dreams is an exciting, fulfilling experience, you need to remember all of the successes you have achieved in the past.  Those accomplishments that come easily don’t mean as much as those that you achieved despite all the odds.  It’s the same reason why we love seeing the underdog win, whether it’s on the playing field or in the movies.  When we achieve the “impossible” it strengthens our faith, and gives us hope for what else is possible.

Another important step is to remain focused.  If the goal you’ve committed to achieving this year is one that has been on your list for awhile, then you know what has stopped you in the past.  Distractions are easy to come by.  When we have other responsibilities, we can find it hard to take the time for ourselves that we need to in order to accomplish the things we need to.  Getting focused means being able to manage our time in an effective way so that we are able dedicated time to the tasks that will help us achieve our goals.

Sharing your goals with others is another way to deal with obstacles.  When you share your intentions with those around you, they can be a support system for you as you pursue your dreams.  They can be there for you emotionally, and they may also be valuable resources in others ways as well.  They may know people that can assist you in achieving your goals.  If they don’t know what you’re trying to do, they won’t be able to help!  While your goals may be personal to you, it doesn’t mean you have to do them all by yourself!

I’d like to share this quote from Charles Swindoll, “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”  I know that I am committed to seeing the obstacles I may encounter this year, just as the quote above states, great opportunities in disguise! ♥

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