9 Signs you’re not living an authentic life

April 4, 2013 Sandra Dawes

iStock_000016684178_SmallHave you ever felt like you were just spinning your wheels?  You know what I’m talking about – the feeling that you’re just going through the motions and not getting anywhere.  You have a yearning to do more, but you don’t know where to start.  If you can relate to any of the following, then perhaps it’s time to think about what you can do to live a purposeful, authentic life!

1.       You’re irritable

You used to be able to enjoy the radio while stuck in traffic, now even a red light sets your blood pressure off the Richter scale.  You snap at strangers and loved ones alike, always feeling a little guilty in hindsight because you know “they” aren’t the problem.

2.       You’ve become a chronic complainer

People are starting to wonder why they bother asking you how it’s going.  You’ve got a complaint about a coworker, your spouse, the kids and the damn dog!  It doesn’t seem like anything’s going your way anymore and you’re starting to think the world’s conspiring against you.

3.       You’re always tired

You’re energy level is at an all time low.  Getting out of bed in the morning is enough of a workout as you can muster right now.  When you aren’t doing what you love, it can be hard to find the energy to do even the simplest tasks after a while.  You want to do more; you just don’t know where to start.

4.       You envy the success of friends and colleagues

When you’re living your life on purpose and following your dreams, it’s easy to be happy for others as they do the same.  When you see others finding joy in their lives, it can be difficult to join them in those feelings as you are left wondering if you will ever be able to experience the same joy in your own life. 

5.       You critical of everything and everyone

This one ties into #2 and #4.  Complaining, envy and criticism are all behaviours of those who aren’t happy with themselves.  As you see others taking risks and finding the courage to pursue their dreams, it’s easier to criticize them for being foolish rather than be inspired to do the same. Asking yourself why you’re experiencing those feelings will help you move beyond them

6.       You start resenting your obligations

Money may be one of your obstacles to living the life you want to live.  You don’t think you can “start over” and pursue a new career or start your own business because you can’t afford it.  The mortgage needs to get paid, you need to save up for the kids’ college fund, and you just bought a new car.  All of these things are a part of life, and can feel like a big dark cloud if you think they prevent you from doing what you want.

7.       You’re not having fun anymore

You can’t remember the last time you had a really good belly laugh.  You get invited to parties and get-togethers and you don’t even feel like going anymore.  You don’t feel like being social anymore, you’d rather stay at home and feel sorry for yourself. 

8.       All the solutions you’ve tried don’t work

You think doing the same job at a new company is the answer, though on reflection, that hasn’t proved to be the case.  You’ve tried a new hairstyle, but it didn’t have the life altering effect you were hoping for.  Even that 10 day Caribbean cruise didn’t bring the long-term joy you thought it would.

9.       You dread Mondays and countdown to the weekend

Don’t get me wrong, we ALL love the weekends, but when Mondays leave you depressed, it’s time to make a change.  Living your life on purpose is about finding joy in what you do.  It’s about following your heart, not your head.  If the very thought of your 9-5 leaves you drained, anxious or angry, it’s time to reconsider your path and take a new direction.  We spend too much of our lives earning a living to do something that doesn’t bring us joy!

Living your life on purpose isn’t a simple thing to do.  There are going to be challenges, but pushing through them is the key to success.  If you get through the obstacles, what’s waiting for you on the other side will be well worth it!  We all have a gift to share with the world, what’s stopping you from sharing yours?

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