5 benefits of having your own vision board

April 20, 2013 Sandra Dawes

If you don’t already have a vision board, here are 5 reasons you should think about putting one together for yourself!

1.       Creating one is fun!

Remember arts and crafts when you were younger?  This is a chance to reconnect with your inner child 🙂  Think of it as the grown up version of picking out the toys on your wish list for holidays and birthdays.  Instead of Barbie and G.I. Joe, we’re talking about dream vacations, ideal spouses, future kids, etc.  You can even make it a party and have a few friends gather and do it together as a social activity!

2.       It provides you with incentive

Having a Vision Board somewhere you can see if often, provides you with a reminder of what your goals are what you are working towards on a daily basis.  It’s a handy tool to have when you encounter challenges and obstacles along the way.  Pushing through barriers is easier when you have a visual reminder of why you are putting in the work!

3.       A great tool to help you with Visualization

Visualization doesn’t come easy to all of us.  While we all can list off the things we don’t want for our lives, getting specific about the things we do want can sometimes be a challenge.  For those of us that aren’t visual, holding a mental picture of what we want for 5 minutes a day seems impossible!  Vision Boards provide you with physical pictures that you can focus on to help you make your goals a reality!

4.       It give you a chance to think outside your limitations

Creating a vision board is an exercise in thinking beyond what you believe is possible for you right now.  You may not think that your dream vacation or a beach front home is a possibility next month or even next year.  This tools allows you to open yourself up to the opportunities to make those dreams actually happen!

5.       It Works!

If you’ve watched The Secret, you know that it worked for John Assaraf and he’s not the only one!  I know someone whose current husband looks a lot like the photo she had on her board and a friend of mine has a beautiful baby girl that bears a striking resemblance to the baby picture on her board.  You may say it is all just coincidence, but why not put your own board to the test?

If you would like to experience the benefits of having your own vision board, grab a free Prioritize Your Life workbook and join my mailing list below for updates on my next workshop! 🙂

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