What’s holding you back?

August 28, 2013 Sandra Dawes

I just finished writing the first draft of my book!  I’m super excited; however the process has been a long one.  I have wanted to write a book for the last 3 years but something was always holding me back!  When I started writing the book in 2010, I got almost 150 pages in before I threw in the towel.  I got scared that my book was too honest and people’s feelings were going to get hurt.  I also started to wonder who wanted to hear my story.  Did anyone really care about the things I had gone through and the lessons that I had learned?

Completing the book was as much about shifting my mindset as it was disciplining myself to write a book in 2 months.  I had to silence the inner critic that started to question the worth of my story as well as the fears that started to pop up about what would happen if the book was to actually become a success.  I had to remember to believe in myself and all the words of encouragement that I had received before and during the process of completing the project.  I had to have faith that my story was going to help someone, somewhere who was going through a similar situation, which is my ultimate goal.

What’s holding you back from doing the things that you want to do?  We all have Big Hairy Audacious Goals that we want to achieve in life, but we often think that they can’t become reality.  I never thought I would be able to complete a book.  I didn’t think I had that much to say!  But here I am, draft in hand, getting ready to submit it to my publisher tomorrow! 

We all need to remind ourselves of the greatness within.  We have to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding us back and reprogram our minds to believe that anything we want for our lives is possible!  Wayne Dyer has a book entitled Change your thoughts, change your life.  It’s not just the title of a book, it’s the truth!  If you want to do things you’ve never done before, it’s time to shift the way you think about what is possible.  I know I have and the benefits have been priceless!

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