You are not alone!

October 14, 2013 Sandra Dawes

This is the third installment in my book launch blog series.  You are not alone is the third chapter in my book and one of my most important lessons.  Feeling like you’re all alone in this world can be a frightening thought.  When we don’t believe that anyone is there to support us through difficult times or understands what we are going through, it can leave us angry, bitter and disconnected.  The following post was written by Meena Menezes.  Enjoy! ~ Sandra

“You are never alone. Even when the tide is against you, just believe, trust and know, that God is with you.”

I was inspired to write the above quote and share it with a close friend of mine who was going through some major personal issues and I was worried that she would slip into depression.

While she struggled through the rough patch, she was thankful for the timely reminder about keeping the faith and also reaching out to near and dear ones for support during tough times.

I think this applies to all of us, especially when we are ‘down and out’ and feel like no one understands no one cares and we have no one to turn to. Sometimes it is also about feeling uncomfortable to allow someone else into our personal lives and the fear of being judged, that deters us from reaching out for support.

Could it also be possible that our pre-conceived notion is what sets the stage for the consequences we face in our lives?

We ‘think’ no one cares, we ‘think’ no one understands and yet do we know that for certain?

The fact that we think that way, could it possibly be our sense of self-worth and low self-esteem that makes us feel unworthy of being loved and cared about?

If we don’t value and love ourselves or have a negative outlook about ourselves, how do we think others perceive us?

When we have already established such negative thoughts in our mind, when we have surrendered to the idea that no one understands and that we are alone, is it any wonder that is how we feel? 

Like attracts like so how can we expect any positive outcome when we harbor negative thoughts?

The fact of the matter is that what your mind believes is what your reality becomes. It is really that simple.

Maybe it is time to reverse those thoughts. Maybe it is time to truly believe that whatever situations we face, we will be able to handle, firstly because we can, by believing in our own strength and secondly, by being open to receiving help from others and be willing to count on someone we can trust.

It is so reassuring to know that we are not alone, because with loneliness comes the feeling of rejection, which no one should have to live with.

Another fact that can cause us to feel we are alone is our lack of faith; faith in ourselves and in a higher power. If we truly believe in a higher power, God, or call it what you will, then you will also believe that with that faith, all things are possible and you are never, ever alone.

You are only alone, when you shut people out; on the other hand, if you choose to open your heart and mind to those that matter and let them into your life, you will shatter your own misconceptions and realise, that in reality, life is full of promise and you are not alone. chemistry homework help viagra online generic business plan writers san antonio tx go site mla format for research papers cover letter examples enclosed go to site enter site viagra sold at walmart alternative for nolvadex alesse celebrex famvir patanol wetrack it source site fangorn russian band viagra custom writing essays tesis tentang iklim komunikasi organisasi go site kodak case study analysis go to site see url doxycycline for sale india free college term paper go site effexor xr tube feeding About the author:

Writing is Meena’s passion and it is what she eventually hopes to do on a full time basis. She is a freelance writer and have written for various websites.  She also has two blogs of her own called Life’s like that and Food for Thought where she lets her creative juices flow and writes on issues that matter to her.

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