Striving for perfection

November 28, 2013 Sandra Dawes

How often have you not completed something or completed it and not shared it with the world because you felt it wasn’t perfect?  We often don’t realize that we’re more critical of ourselves than anyone else can be.  We fear the criticism of others so much that it often stops us from being our authentic self, imperfections and all!

It’s harder to hide those imperfections when you put yourself out there.  Whether it be a public speaking event, or a webinar, mistakes happen and technological glitches spring up when you least expect them.  I know from a recent experience that I was so focused on the mistakes made that I didn’t really take the time to acknowledge the positive feedback from others.  Not that we should rely on others to make us feel good about ourselves, but it often takes another person’s point of view to shift our perspective.  What seems like such a catastrophe to us is a minor occurrence to others, if they noticed it at all!  The truth is that we are all flawed.  We wear masks to hide our flaws, but that can only last for so long, at some point, they are revealed.

I’m coming to grips with the knowledge that I will never be perfect when I hold myself to the expectations or standards of others.  I have weaknesses and flaws.  I now see that the flaws I see in others often, if not always mirror my own.  The fact that I am aware of that indicates growth.  The fact that I am committed to working on those flaws that I can improve on, and accept with compassion those that I cannot empowers me.  I am no longer searching for perfection in myself or in others.  I am embracing the reality that we are all a constant work in progress and the only time that there should be room for concern is when we believe that our work is done.  Our work is complete when this lifetime comes to an end. How will you release your need for perfection?

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