Following your inner voice

January 29, 2014 Sandra Dawes

I had a session at a local youth shelter today where I volunteer, and the topic of discussion was how to turn our weaknesses into Listen to your inner voicestrengths.  Someone asked me what I thought one of my weaknesses was and I shared that sometimes I feel that I’m too trusting.  I also said that I consider trust to be a strength of mine because it allows me to give people the benefit of the doubt instead of always thinking the worst.  Of course, I followed it up by saying that I’m learning how to trust my intuition and my instincts because I have neglected the warning signs they have provided me with in the past.

Trust your gut, follow your intuition, and trust your instincts.  We’ve all heard these said to use, but what does it all really mean?  How do you know that your gut won’t lead you astray?  I’ve learned to decipher the voices in my head with one question: is this thought coming from a place of love or fear?  There are a lot of instances where I would have said my intuition made me decide not to do something, but if I was really being honest with myself, I would acknowledge that it was fear that stopped me.  Fear of failure, fear of what people might say, no matter how you slice it, fear was at the root of a lot of my decision making.  If it scares me, don’t do it!

When things aren’t in alignment with who you are or where you want to go, your inner knowing will alert you.  Call it instinct, intuition or a gut feeling – there is something within you that tells you when following a certain path isn’t right for you.  These signs don’t scream, DON’T DO IT! WHAT WILL PEOPLE THINK?!? Rather, it asks you if you’re certain making that decision is in your best interest.  It questions whether or not you have enough information to make a decision.  It asks you why you care and why this is important to you.  Being able to identify the difference between the voice of fear and my intuition and instincts has been really beneficial in reclaiming my power, taking control of my life and really just getting out of my own way!

Being able to trust yourself and know that you aren’t letting fear control you is empowering.  It allows you to make decisions based on what for your higher good with confidence and surety.  Meditation has been a great tool in allowing me to become more in tune with my inner knowing.  Quieting the mind is a powerful tool!  It allows you to detach from the hectic, busy world for a moment and just listen.  Try it the next time you’re feeling unsure about a decision.  Turn off the phone, lock yourself away for a few minutes and ask for guidance to make the best decision for you in that moment.  If meditation isn’t your thing, then just remember to always ask yourself if you’re allowing your decision making to be controlled by fear.  It’s time to kick fear out of the driver’s seat and reclaim control of your life! ♥

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