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November 10, 2014 Sandra Dawes

I was at a small business expo this weekend and did a presentation on goal setting.  One of the things that I always share withimages people is the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people who are going to support you in the pursuit of your goals. When I mentioned this, someone asked a really good question – where do we find these positive people?

The reason for the question was based on the concern that people who are already maintaining a positive mindset wouldn’t want to be around those of us who are still working at it. I don’t believe that’s the case. I think that positive people will want to support others who are working towards creating a positive mindset. They aren’t going to entertain two hours of complaining, but if you’re having a challenge maintaining a positive outlook, they will do what they can to help you shift your perspective.

I guess I forgot that it can be a challenge to find positive people in your life. There was a time when I first started to shift my mindset that I thought maybe I was the crazy one, trying to view the world through rose coloured glasses. As I continued to change my outlook however, I attracted different people into my life. These new additions to my life were on a similar journey and understood the importance of increasing our awareness and being mindful of our thoughts.

There are so many different ways to connect with others who have realized that complaining and being miserable aren’t going to get us the things we want in life. Whether it’s online groups on Facebook and other social media or in-person groups that you can find on, the people you are looking for are out there. The trick is to get out there and interact with them.

It would be nice if our friends and family could be the source of positivity we need, but it doesn’t always work out that way does it? If it does for you, consider yourself lucky! 🙂 What is kind of magical is the fact that as we increase our awareness and shift into a more positive mindset where we express gratitude for all that we have and is working well in our lives, those closest to us will benefit as well. When people see you making the shift and see how it impacts you they will be inspired to do the same.

I’ve quoted Bishop T.D. Jakes before, and I’ll do it again because I love this quote – “Greatness is contagious.” Not only is greatness contagious, but so is positivity. If you want to bring more of the positive into your life, it starts with you, but is sustained by the company you keep. Who are you spending your time with? ♥

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