Same but different

January 18, 2015 Sandra Dawes

I am constantly amazed at the fact that no matter how different we all seem from each other, there is so much of our Quotation-Susan-Glaspell-live-empathy-Meetville-Quotes-166601
experiences that are similar if not the same. Regardless of age, race, ethnicity or any other classification that differentiates us, there is so much that we all have in common. We’ve all faced heartache, the loss of a loved one and the joy of getting together with a group of friends and sharing a good laugh.

As much as we like to focus on what makes us unique, there is some comfort in knowing that we aren’t alone in experiencing certain things, isn’t there? I used to think that bad things happened to me because I was being punished for something. From this life, or the next – I was sure that I was being targeted, picked on. When I finally got my head out my ass, I realized that it wasn’t personal. Bad things happen to everyone. It’s a part of life.

What’s awesome is that you find out this amazing kernel of truth when you find your voice and speak your truth. When you connect with people on a really authentic level, they reciprocate and open up on the very same level. You realize that you’re not the only one with parental issues, spousal issues or kids that just won’t listen! Not that knowing this solves your problems, but at least you know you’re not alone!

When you’re able to connect with people who have gone through, or are going through similar situations and experiences, you benefit from talking to people who get it. Sometimes those closest to you can’t relate to what you’re going through. Being able to talk to someone without judgement who understands and can empathize with what you are going through is a true blessing.

It can be scary to open yourself up to people that you don’t know very well. That’s why it’s important to trust your instincts and follow your intuition. You’ll know who you can open up to about things. Maybe you’re the one someone has chosen to open up to. Honour that trust and share as you feel comfortable. I believe that only when we can open up to others and speak our truth can we find the understanding and support that we often long for.

We aren’t alone in this thing called life. We’re all on our own journey, but many of us are hitting the same road blocks and rough weather along the way. Isn’t it great when we can talk to someone who can assure us that they had the same difficulties, but made it to where they needed to go? Don’t keep you’re struggles to yourself. You aren’t alone and there are people out there willing and able to support you. You just have to be open and willing to speak your truth. ♥

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