What your sources of inspiration say about you

August 24, 2015 Sandra Dawes

I was hired to write a speech for someone the other day and the topic was how to unleash your authentic power. My shutterstock_79429912-450x300client wanted me to include stories of inspirational women. As I looked up quotes and anecdotes about women who I consider inspiring, I realized that these women were a reflection of me!

The traits I admired in these women, from Oprah Winfrey to J.K. Rowling and Margaret Thatcher say as much about me as it does about them. I realized that I admire women who do the unexpected. They also were told at some point or another that what they wanted wasn’t possible for them or the way they went about it would never work. All of these women have proved their naysayers wrong. They stayed convicted in their beliefs that their goals could become a reality and they made them happen without apology.

I love stories of successful women who started with very little and were able to achieve a lot. The idea that your past doesn’t have to define your present or future is a big deal for me. We see so many people who have given up because of the negative events that they have experienced in their past, so it is always motivating and inspiring to see others who decide to take charge and create a different, better life for themselves and those around them.

What I find interesting about our sources of inspiration is how much they differ for each of us. There are lots of inspiring stories out there, but we’re all going to connect with them in a different way based on our own experiences and present needs. Maybe you need to hear a story about someone who overcame monumental challenges in the pursuit of their goals to give you the motivation to push through your own obstacles. Others may need to hear the story of the underdog, who was able to triumph despite not having the odds in his or her favour.

What kinds of stories inspire you? Do you seek out stories to inspire you in challenging times, or do you happen to stumble up on them in your times of need? Sources of inspiration are everywhere. They don’t come only from strangers in faraway places who we will probably never meet in person. Inspiration comes from our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours. Sometimes it’s just a matter of taking the time to have a meaningful conversation with someone to hear just what you need to hear at just the right time.

The next time you’re feeling like you need an inspirational boost, think about the character traits, mindset and skills you would like to have to get you through whatever it is you’re experiencing. Find someone that you admire who has those traits and take in their story. Whether you’re reading it online or having a personal conversation, you will feel better than when you started. Remaining uninspired is a choice, and one that doesn’t serve you if you want to change your life and attract more abundance and prosperity into it. What are you going to do to get inspired today? ♥

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