In Memory of Dr. Wayne Dyer

August 30, 2015 Sandra Dawes

Wayne Dyer passed away in the night on August 29, 2015. I was saddened to hear of his death, but I know that this 4c795c5b22c4acb9eecd3bb7a031d7c1isn’t the end of his legacy. His words, whether in seminars or in the many books that he has written have touched lives all over the world, mine included.

I don’t remember how I first stumbled on the work of Dr. Wayne Dyer. I think it might have been a recording of a session he did with Deepak Chopra. I wasn’t familiar with who he was when I first started listening to the recording, but by the end I was a fan.

Dr. Dyer had a way of explaining things with simplicity and humour that reminded me of my dad. I think that was one of the reasons I was so drawn to him. He was authentic and transparent. He spoke of his own struggles and faults. He didn’t preach, he taught and shared. He was a student of life, never claiming to have all the answers, but enjoying the search and the opportunity to share the lessons he had learned along the way.

I had the honour of seeing Wayne Dyer in person years ago at the I Can Do It Conference in Toronto. I was so excited to see him – you would have thought I was going to a music concert! It was awesome just to be in his presence. To hear him live, to see him on stage in his shorts, t-shirt and bare feet, it felt like he was just having a conversation with a few hundred close friends.

From The Power of Intention to Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life the work of Wayne Dyer helped me through the challenges I encountered after the death of my father. Many of the quotes that are still posted on the walls of my home are quotes from his books or his talks that I found inspiring. Even in my own book, I quote his work because it influenced so much of what I have been able to achieve in the last decade.

While I will never get a change to cross doing a retreat with Dr. Dyer in Maui off my bucket list, I am grateful for the different ways I was able to benefit from his work. His work will continue to inspire me as there are still more of his books to read and lectures to listen to. I am grateful for the work that Dr. Wayne Dyer has done and for the positive influence it has had on my life.

Rest in peace Dr. Dyer and may your family hold on to the wonderful memories of time spent with you during their time of grieving. Thank you for not dying with your music still inside you! Namaste… ♥


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