Human Happiness and Contentment

June 6, 2016 Sandra Dawes

I’m re-reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The first time I read this book I was inspired to quit my job and write the book I’d been talking about for years. When the challenge for the month of June in a group I’m a part of included reading the book, I jumped at the chance to go through another amazing journey with the book.

I’m on the second step to riches, which is Faith. It feels like I’m reading the book with new eyes. The phrase that inspired this post was this:

The watchword of the future will be human happiness and contentment.

I add the bold for emphasis, since that part is highlighted in italics. The thing that struck me about this passage is the fact that this book was first published in 1937! With all the articles and posts about finding balance and following your bliss, it’s easy to see that Napoleon Hill exactly what he was talking about. He knew that financial wealth alone is not what we are here to pursue, but rather to find things that light us up and bring the joy and happiness we were put here to experience.

I think the challenge for many of us is that we struggle to give ourselves permission to do things that bring us joy. We think that the ability to pursue our passion and experience financial prosperity is mutually exclusive and that those who do achieve this are simply the lucky ones.  I don’t think that luck has anything to do with it. I believe that those who are able to achieve human happiness, contentment and financial abundance have uncovered the secret to making your dreams a reality!

I think that we can all achieve the abundance and prosperity we’re looking for, in all areas of our lives when we are able to focus on what we want, persist regardless of obstacles and acknowledge that there a higher power supporting us in the pursuit of our goals. It’s about being of service and be passionate about making our dreams a reality. When we are able to achieve these things, we are unstoppable in the pursuit of our goals!

Achieving human happiness and contentment is not something for a chosen few. Rather than envy those who are able to turn their passion into a rewarding livelihood, be inspired by it. They haven’t realized their dreams because they are smarter than you or luckier than you. If it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you!

What are you doing to bring happiness and contentment into your life?

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