Pay Attention to the Signs

August 13, 2016 Sandra Dawes

In the last week it’s felt like I’ve had the same conversation with different people. I’m talking about total strangers, people I’ve never met before starting conversations on the same topic. There was a time where I would have chalked it up to a strange coincidence. I know better now.

It’s funny how a thought enters your mind and you know that you should take action, but there’s something (fear) holding you back. That’s exactly what happened to me this week. Not that the thought just came to me this week, it’s been there for a while. What’s interesting is that something happened recently that reminded me about the action I know I need to take and yet I was still sitting with it.

I remember hearing something once that the universe starts with a whisper. I heard it, and I’ve been ignoring it because it requires me to get uncomfortable. In the last few weeks, the universe has chosen to start using less subtle messaging because, well I clearly can’t take a hint 😉 Along with showing me that I can discomfort comes in many different shapes and sizes, the universe decided to send me some unexpected angels to send the message in ways that I would clearly understand.

I’m sure that some of you reading this think I’m reaching. Maybe you think that I am looking for signs to justifying doing something crazy. Trust me when I tell you, this isn’t the case. We often ask for answers to life’s questions and then ignore them because they’re not the answers we want to hear and then we wonder why we’re so unhappy (sound familiar?).

I’m learning that there’s always a bigger plan. Resisting or ignoring the signs doesn’t make them go away. I remember once being in a job I knew wasn’t the right fit. I thought about looking for another job, but wasn’t taking much action on it. Instead I complained about how much I disliked the job and just after my one year anniversary I was let go. Believe it or not, I was actually upset about being let go. Of course it was all about ego. I wanted to be the one to leave on my own terms, yet I hadn’t really done anything about it despite knowing that it wasn’t where I should be.

I’ll say it again because it’s worth repeating – ignoring the signs doesn’t make them go away. Whether it’s a job you need to leave, or a relationship you need to end – whatever action it is that you know you should be taking and haven’t yet, the universe will continue to show you signs towards your path. Try taking baby steps. See what happens when you head in the direction that you’re being pulled towards. Stop resisting for a while and see how it feels.

Pay attention to the signs. Seek guidance from those you trust and have your best interests at heart. Act on them. Follow your intuition. I know from personal experience that when you take the steps needed to bring you closer to what is meant for you, the universe will work with you to get you there. It may not always be comfortable or fun, but it will be worth it.

I promise to keep you posted on my progress as long as you promise to keep me posted on yours! ♥

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