5 things to let go of in 2017

December 28, 2016 Sandra Dawes

T’is the season to review the year coming to a close and set our intentions for 2017! It’s also time to take stock of the things we want to take with us into the New Year and the things we want to leave behind in 2016. Here are a few things that I’m committing to letting go of in 2017:

  1. B.S. Excuses
    I’m an admitted excuse maker, so I know how challenging this can be. I also know the kind of magic that happens when I let go of all the reasons why I shouldn’t take action and focus on the reasons I should. I will be constantly reminding myself of this throughout the year. Repeat after me: “My excuses are no longer bigger than my desire to achieve my goals!”
  1. Negative people
    Okay, maybe letting go isn’t the best way to phrase this one. I haven’t committed to cutting anyone off completely (it usually takes something pretty major for me to get there), but I am committing to limiting my exposure to people who are chronically negative. We all have bad days. It’s a completely different thing to allow them to swallow us whole or invite friends to join in the pity party!
  1. Limiting thoughts
    You started 2016 with optimism. You were sure that this year was going to be the year and then something happened. Whether you let your fear of failure or fears of success hold you back, the key is to ask yourself why and figure out what you can do differently in the New Year. It’s never too late to pursue your passion. There isn’t a magical age that you must achieve success by or it’s too late. The only thing holding you back from achieving your goals is you. Get out of your head and follow your heart!
  1. Clothes I haven’t worn in the past year
    I started a practice a while back that anytime I bought a new clothing item, I had to purge one from my closet. New jeans mean retiring a pair. The problem I have is with nostalgic items. I have a few of my dad’s t-shirts that I cannot bring myself to throw out and for some reason; I still have t-shirts from university. Yes, I know that they’re almost 20 years old! I guess I’m a sentimental girl – not really practical for a one-bedroom condo with limited space though, is it?
  1. Resentment
    Ah, good ‘ole forgiveness! I know for me, this is a big one. I realized this year that I still have a lot of work to do on this. I thought I had worked through most of my resentments (HA!), and all it took was a constant trigger (like a leaky tap dripping water) and the emotions that came with it for me to realize that all is not forgiven. I have had to remind myself that holding on to the crap doesn’t make me feel good or help me create the life I want. To work through it, I’m having open conversations and being honest with myself moving forward.

My goal as we head into the New Year is to enter it with a light load. I don’t want to be held back by the same stuff that slowed me down in 2016. I want to learn from all the experiences this year. I want to do more of what worked and understand why the other stuff didn’t and what I can do about it going forward. I’m excited about 2017. I think that each year that passes helps us get clearer about what it is we want for our lives and exactly who we need to be and what we need to do to make it happen. It’s all a learning process and I can’t wait for the lessons of the upcoming year!

If you want help with some of the things I’ve mentioned above, join me for my 5 Day Goal Momentum Challenge that starts Monday January 2nd! Enter your details using the form below. ♥

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5 Challenges to Achieving Your Goals (and how to overcome them)!5 Challenges to Achieving Your Goals (and how to overcome them)!

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