Why Visualization is important

January 22, 2017 Sandra Dawes

I first heard about visualizing from a recording I was given over ten years ago done by Neville Goddard. I can still remember him telling the story of a woman who wanted to visit her sister who was living somewhere by the sea. While taking the bus on her way to work, she would think about being where her sister was and smelling the salty sea breeze. She didn’t know how she was going to make the trip happen, but within a few months, she was with her sister!

Of course, this story intrigued me. The more I read and learned, the more I realized that visualization is a great tool to help us focus on the things we want for our lives, whether we know exactly how to make them happen or not. If you’ve studied the law of attraction at all then you’re familiar with the concept that what we focus on expands. If we don’t spend some of our time focusing on the things we want for our lives, what we want will take much longer to come.

It can be easy to resign ourselves to the belief that the life we’re living is as good as it gets. Maybe you’ve tried to pursue a goal and didn’t get where you wanted to go with it. The question to ask yourself is if you really believed it was possible? Often we have dreams, but are afraid that’s all they will ever be. We don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to imagine what life will be like when, not if, the dream comes true. We worry that we are setting ourselves up for disappointment.

I get it. No one wants to get their hopes up only to have them crashing down. Being disappointed sucks BIG TIME. Here’s the thing – if we spend our time and energy focusing on what could go wrong, changes are pretty good they’ll happen. Remember, what we focus on expands. If we want abundance and prosperity, we can’t spend all of our time focusing on how depleted out bank account is!

In order to make your dreams a reality, you have to spend some time really believing that it’s going to happen. Take 5 or 10 minutes out of your day, close your eyes and think about what life is going to be life when your goal becomes a reality. How will you feel? What will your loved ones say? Will you be celebrating at home or somewhere else? Use as much of your five senses as possible. You have to be willing to get emotionally invested in the realization of your dreams if you want them to come true.

I was listening to Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneurs Association and she shared that she has a dream jar. I love the idea so I created one for myself 🙂 Your dream jar has all the goals that you want to achieve for the year written down on a piece of paper. Each day, you take one of the goals out and spend 5 to 10 minutes visualizing on that goal. I think it’s a pretty neat tool to help you get clarity on what to visualize each day. Give it a try for 30 days and let me know what happens! ♥


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