Knowing your why

February 20, 2017 Sandra Dawes

It’s a catch phrase that’s been around for the last few years. You hear it a lot in entrepreneurial circles (or at least I have). What’s your why? This question is meant to illustrate your purpose, the reason at the root of everything you do.

I haven’t always been clear on my why. If you had asked me what my motivation is for the things I do 20 years ago, the answer would have been “because it’s expected of me.” It wasn’t until circumstances made me question whether or not that was the way I wanted to continue to live my life that the answer changed. If I’m asked what my why is now, I’d say that it’s to be the best I can be in each moment so that I can help others do the same.

Your why, your raison d’être, your reason for being; whatever you want to call it, should be something that inspires you. It’s the reason you get out of bed in the mornings, even when every cell in your body wants to sleep in. Sure you might say that paying the bills is what gets you out of bed, but paying the bills to do what? Are you working towards freeing yourself so you have more time to be with your family, or are you just working to put money in the bank?

If there’s one thing that I’ve realized in my work with clients and in discussions with friends and family, the truth is that at the end of the day we all just want to be happy. What that happiness looks like for each of us will be different, but that is the common thread. It isn’t just about surviving, but thriving.

If you’re not sure what your why is, think about what life would be like for you and those around you if everything worked out the way that you wanted it to. Would you be travelling the world, or volunteering your time to a worthy cause? Maybe you’d simply spend more time with loved ones and be there to support them in whatever way they need. Remember, this is about what motivates you to keep going, not what you think should motivate you.

Getting clear on the reason I do the things I do has been a life changer. It has helped me to get clear on my priorities, which has helped me establish boundaries. I no longer live my life the way I think other people expect me to; instead I live my life in a way that fosters continuous growth and learning. Whenever I get the chance I do things that feed my soul and give me a feeling of fulfillment that was once lacking in my life.

If you’d like some clarity on what your motivation is, I’d love to help! Book a no-obligation discovery call with me here. ♥

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