You’re more awesome than you think!

July 10, 2017 Sandra Dawes

Has anyone ever said or done something to you that left you feeling really bad about yourself? Of course you’ve been there, we all have. At some point or another, someone has left us feeling really crappy about ourselves. If your confidence is where we’d all like ours to be, it’s been a while since you’ve had that experience.

The good news isn’t that you’re not alone in questioning your awesomeness; it’s that they are wrong! We all have bad days, but at the end of the day we’re here right now because we deserve to be. We deserve to be here because we all have something to contribute. Here’s something to remember; the people who say or do things that result in hurt feelings have forgotten about their awesomeness too!

Here’s the thing – when you’re feeling good about yourself, the things others say or do slide off your back much easier. It’s when you’re already questioning your own abilities that the words and deeds of others cut a little deeper. Think about it the next time you find yourself affected by the words or actions of someone else. What’s really troubling you? Is that that you can’t believe how they perceive you? Why does their opinion matter to you? Just because they say it or feel that way, does it make it true?

This lesson is an ongoing one for me. Just when I think that there isn’t any more work left when it comes to confidence and self-worth, something happens to give me a reality check. I now realize that those moments are a reminder that I have forgotten who I am. As Marianne Williamson so eloquently puts it in her book A Return to Love, “we are powerful beyond measure”. Don’t believe it? I’m pretty sure we’ve all accomplished something that we once thought was impossible. Isn’t that alone an example of how super fantastic we truly are?

We forget. It happens. That’s why we have such a negative reaction when people put us down or belittle our accomplishments. We know better. We are all destined for great things. This doesn’t mean that we’ll all be on television or radio one day or that we’ll become household names. What it does mean is that we are here right now and have a chance to do something that makes a difference to someone. It doesn’t have to make the news; it just has to make an impact.

Remember: you are loved, you are awesome, you are unstoppable! ♥

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