5 Ways to get clarity

July 24, 2017 Sandra Dawes

If you’ve ever felt stuck in the pursuit of your goals, you know how amazing it feels when you find your way through. When we achieve the kind of clarity that reminds you that it is possible, things start to come together in a way that almost feels magical. Achieving clarity sometimes takes longer than we’d like it to. The key is to be patient and do what you can to help the process along. Here are 5 ways I’ve identified that have helped me gain clarity. I’d love to hear yours in the comments 🙂

  1. Read or Listen to books

    There are so many great books out there written by people who have taken leaps of faith and lived to tell the tale. Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business or going on your first solo travel adventure, there’s a book that shares the good, the bad and the ugly of the journey. It’s nice to know that you’re not alone in facing obstacles, and it’s motivating to know that others have found a way to achieve their goals, regardless of the challenges.

  2. Find a mentor

    Anyone I know who has had a mentor, has nothing but good things to say about the experience. If you can connect with someone who has accomplished whatever goal that you’re working towards, connect with them and see if you can meet with them. Some mentors charge a fee for their time, but it is money well spent if it can save you time and or money as you work towards achieving your goals.

  3. Join a mastermind group

    I’m a big fan of mastermind groups! I love the brain trust that’s created when a group of individuals come together ready and willing to support each other in the pursuit of their goals! You get the benefit of the variety of skills, experience and expertise of each member of the group. They bring a diverse perspective that can challenge you to think outside the box, where the answers are waiting 🙂

  4. Brainstorm ideas on your own

    Sometimes all we need is some time away from the issue to refresh and regroup. Give yourself some quiet, distraction free time and think about what’s possible without limiting yourself. Don’t worry about the how it’s all going to happen, focus on what your next step needs to be and consider all the options that can get you there. We often know the answer; it’s just a matter of quieting the chatter around you and in your head so you can hear it.

  5. Hire a coach

    My latest breakthrough came through work with a business coach. Much like a mentor, a coach is there to help you gain clarity. They’ve worked with clients struggling with similar challenges; they know the right questions to ask to help you see the possibilities. Once you gain clarity on the next steps, you’re coach can work with you to hold you accountable to taking action and support you along the way.

Gaining clarity is a great feeling. Whether you’re feeling stuck with life in general, with your business, your relationship or your career; not knowing where you want to go next can be frustrating. The good news is that there are lots of ways to find the clarity you’re looking for. You just have to decide which path you want to take.

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