Where do you find inspiration?

August 7, 2017 Sandra Dawes

I thought I was going to write about something totally different when I get ready to write this week’s post. I was going to write about perspective, and maybe I’ll write about this week. I changed my mind because I’ve been working for the past 2 hours, getting stuff done and I reflected on why this evening was flowing so easily. The answer lies in what’s been going one while I’ve been working on my laptop for the evening.

Music was what kept me working effortlessly for the last couple of hours. I rediscovered how important music is in my life and it has made such a difference! I’m not a musician or anything like that, but I know that music affects my mood. I have created specific playlists for what I need. I’ve got my “I’m stoppable” playlist for when I need a reminder that I’m my own special kind of awesomeness. I’ve got another one that boosts my energy level, and music to work to.

We all have different sources of inspiration. Maybe it’s visiting an art gallery, or taking a walk in nature, whatever it is, once you know what it is, do it often. Being inspired shouldn’t be something we experience occasionally. When we tap into our sources of inspirations, things flow easier. We’re not bothered by the little things and the things that once would have seemed catastrophic, aren’t big deals at all.

Inspired literally means in spirit. When we feel inspired, we are unstoppable. Nothing can take us off focus and obstacles will be seen a challenges to take on, not a sign of defeat. When we’re uninspired, we feel bored, frustrated and unfulfilled. Inspiration gives our actions purpose and meaning. We’re excited about what we’re working towards and can’t wait to see the goal become a reality.

If you’re struggling to find inspiration, think about the things that have lifted your spirits in the past. Is there a movie or a book that left you inspired? Maybe there is someone who always leaves you inspired after having a conversation with them. There are so many inspirational videos out there, including TED talks and recordings of seminars.

Have you been feeling inspired lately? If you have been inspired, keep it going! If you haven’t been feeling very inspired lately, what are you going to do to change that? Share your sources of inspiration in the comments, you never know – it might inspire someone else too! ♥

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