Letting go

November 20, 2017 Sandra Dawes

I’m getting ready to move for the first time in almost 13 years. It’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in that time. I’ve started packing and my closet and cupboards have seen quite the purge and I haven’t even attacked my storage space yet!

I realize that I have held on to a lot of stuff for sentimental reasons. Old t-shirts from university, a boom box that only runs on D batteries, and my dad’s camcorder that I’ve never used! I am grateful that I have been living in a one bedroom condo, so I had no space to live up to my true hoarding potential 😉

After watching Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things I did want to declutter, but wasn’t pushed to do it to the level that I am now that I’m moving. It’s been a great reminder to surround myself with things that serve me and bring me joy. There’s no reason to hold onto my favourite dress from 5 years ago if I haven’t worn it in the last 4.

It’s not just about taking inventory of our material things and let go of the stuff that no longer serves us or brings us joy. We can do the same with our beliefs, our habits and our relationships. Of course it’s easier to toss that old dress that you haven’t worn in 5 years than to shift your beliefs or change your habits. I promise you that you’ll feel much better when you let go of the stuff that doesn’t serve you or fulfill you in any way.

The biggest challenge can be taking honest inventory of our relationships. We often know that there are people in our lives that are emotionally draining and bring negativity to our lives. We can feel torn because we care about them and know that continuing to spend time with them will take away from the positive state of mind that we want to maintain.

We don’t have to cut these people out of our lives, but we do need to find a way to limit our exposure to those that don’t contribute positively to our lives. We need to ensure that we are spending time with people who do support us and that we can uplift as well. A rising tide lifts all boats, so you want to be around people who are willing and able to work towards creating the life that they want so that they will inspire and motivate you to do the same.

When we let go of things we make space for new things to come into our lives. This is true whether we’re talking about tangible stuff or our beliefs, habits and relationships. Some of the things we need to let go of will be easier than others. You know the things in your life that you can do without. The good news is you get to choose when you let go of them. ♥

What are you ready to let go of?

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