How I made June my most productive month

July 2, 2018 Sandra Dawes

I’m not typically one to brag, but I’m pretty proud of myself and my accomplishments over the last 6 weeks. After canceling my live event in April, I was determined not to allow it to make the first half of the year a bust. I wanted to feel like I had made significant progress and I had 2 months to do it.

After licking my wounds and following up with everyone involved in the conference, I decided to take my own advice and pulled out my Level Up Journal. It’s a tool I have that prompts me to think about my 90 day goals, outline a plan and then tracks my progress twice a day.

As of today, I’m 2/3’s of the way through my first 90 days and feeling like a superstar 😉 Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • Posted 2 videos on my YouTube Channel
  • 2 speaking engagements (1 in-person, 1 in a Facebook Group I was invited to do a talk for)
  • 9 podcast interviews completed
  • 3 podcast interviews as a guest
  • Facilitated 2 workshops (in-person and online)
  • Weekly Facebook Lives on my business page
  • Launched my podcast!!!

How did I do this? Well they haven’t mastered cloning yet, and no one’s added an extra day to the week or a couple extra hours to a day, so it wasn’t anything magical 😉 I would say the big thing has been clarity and focus. I knew I wanted to launch my podcast and I knew that I wanted to do more videos in order to expand my visibility, so here’s what I did:

  • Set daily intentions for what I was going to do to get me closer to my goals
  • Set 2-3 daily tasks that were “must do’s”
  • Reviewed my progress and identified what wasn’t working on a daily basis
  • Made time for gratitude and positive thoughts
  • Didn’t allow set-backs to discourage me – kept my eye on the prize
  • Set a deadline for the podcast launch and announced it publicly to hold me to it

The crazy thing is I believe that I could have accomplished more if I really wanted to! These last 2 months have made it clear to me that it’s never about time. When we know what we want and have an idea of how to get started, all we have to do it take consistent action! The plan isn’t going to work itself and no one is going to do all the work for you.

If you want to achieve your goals bad enough, you will find a way and the time needed to make it happen. You won’t allow anything to distract you and any disappointments you may encounter won’t derail you. If you’ve been struggling and feel like the first half of the year wasn’t what you hoped it would be, let’s chat! You can schedule a time for a free, no-obligation call here.

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