What IS the meaning of life?

August 19, 2018 Sandra Dawes

I was having a conversation today that got me thinking. The subject was a conflict between a couple and the issue was that one party felt that the other one had changed. My first thought was that change isn’t necessarily a problem, so the question becomes what’s it about the change that makes it a problem? My conclusion, or should I say question at the end of the conversation was this:

Why are we here, if it isn’t to grow and evolve as individuals? If we’re still exactly where we were mentally and  spiritually 10 years ago, then what is the point?

The comment that someone has changed is something we’ve all heard before. Whether it was about us, or a comment we were making about someone else, it not an uncommon statement. For some, it is just that: a statement or an observation. For others it seems more like a complaint.

If the change leaves us more empowered, confident and fulfilled than before, then bring it on! If the change means that we feel defeated, hopeless and controlled by fear, then we definitely need to put a stop to it! There’s nothing wrong with change if it’s a step forward and not a step back.

Culture and tradition should support our growth and evolution, not inhibit it. I know that it’s easy for me to say that because I was never asked, nor have I ever felt obligated to uphold a family or cultural tradition that I believed would hold me back in the pursuit of my goals. I understand how important family and culture is. I struggle to justify how anyone can ask someone to be okay with playing small, never mind loved ones.

We need to support and encourage each other to step into our greatness. How are we served by holding each other back or limiting one another? What are we trying to control? I feel like we need to spend more time figuring out how we are going to own our own greatness rather than worry about what’s going on with anyone else.

I’m constantly quoting T.D. Jakes and his words that greatness is contagious. It’s been years since I watched him say that quote (it was in a LifeClass  episode with Oprah Winfrey), but it never left me. I have experienced it in my own life. I’ve seen friends and colleagues achieve something that has inspired me to step my own game up. This is what we’re here to do. Not to share inspirational quotes on Facebook or share well-times clichés, but to actually walk our talk.

I think that we are here to experience life to the fullest. Find our own definition of success. Travel the world, experience new cultures and open your mind to possibilities you once thought were impossible! We’re here to make mistakes and learn from them. We are gatherers of wisdom that we are meant to share in ways that are meaningful to us and those who are meant to receive it.

If I’m wrong and purpose of life is to figure out how to please everyone and make everyone else happy, my excuse is that I didn’t get the memo 😉

Onwards and upwards!

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