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April 27, 2019 Sandra Dawes

My inspiration for this week’s post is my Peace Lily plant. I’ve had this plant for over 5 years and I can count on one had the number of times it has blossomed and still have fingers left. About a month ago, we were re-potting plants and I decided to give the plants some fertilizer. It’s been a long time since I’ve done this, and I made sure to give the Peace Lily the fertilizer for plants that flower. Here’s picture of what it looks like now.

My Peace Lily 🙂

Here is a summary of the blossoms of this Peace Lily:

  • First time: When I first bought the plant, it had blossoms
  • Second time: A few years ago, a blossom came, but it wasn’t a healthy one already turning brown by the time it came into full bloom
  • Third time: The picture above

My experience with this plant reminded me of some things when it comes to creating the life we truly want and deserve. Here’s a summary of my top 3:

1. If you want something, you have to create the environment for it to happen

For years all I did was water this plant. I figured that sunlight and water was enough for the plant to thrive. I now realize that sunlight and water is enough for the plant to survive; thriving is a different story. Giving the plant the fertilizer it needed was what provided the right opportunity for two blossoms.

It’s the same when it comes to our goals. Getting clear on your vision and creating a plan are important steps. Taking consistent action with the right mindset is where the magic starts to happen. The willingness to get uncomfortable and do things outside your comfort zone takes things to another level!

2. You have to give attention to the things you want to flourish.

Putting the fertilizer sticks in the plant was one thing. Making sure that it got the water it needed on a consistent basis in another. I’ve been negligent with my plants at times, the Peace Lily included. Thriving is a lot more challenging when you’re barely getting the bare necessities, isn’t it?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in making my goals a reality, it’s that focus is the key. It can be so easy to get distracted or lost doing things that have nothing to do with creating the life we want for ourselves. When we get clear on our priorities and set boundaries, focusing on realizing our goals becomes much easier. When we’re focused, we become aware and open to the opportunities that will get us where we want to go.

3. Patience + Releasing expectations = Pleasant surprise

When I put the fertilizer sticks in the plant pot, I didn’t have set expectations on when the plant would blossom. To be honest, I didn’t have any expectations at all. The approach was more – let’s see if this works. I did commit to making sure the plants were watered regularly and made sure I did. I was pleasantly surprised when the first blossom made its first appearance a couple of weeks ago. When I saw the second blossom, I was over the moon! I haven’t seen more than once since I first bought the plant!

We can get frustrated with our goals when we feel like we’re not getting the results we expect from our efforts. There are going to be things that don’t work out the way we want them to. Sometimes things are going to take longer than we want or expect them to. When it comes to our goals, the sooner we realize that things are going to happen when they’re supposed to, and not when we want them to, the better for our peace of mind.

I love having plants. I want to have a small vegetable garden this summer. I had a few plants last year and had some success and some let downs. I’ve learned from “failures” and will do better this year. I plan to continue to apply the lessons I’m learning in my gardening adventures to my everyday journey so stay tuned 🙂

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