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July 15, 2019 Sandra Dawes

A few weeks ago I saw something unfold and thought that things could have gone in a different, and more positive way if the energy was different. It was the perfect example of what can happen when two people, having a bad day connect due to unpleasant circumstances. Needless to say, it didn’t end well and both parties left the situation probably angrier than when they came. It reminded me of the need to check your energy in every encounter you enter into.

Think about it. When you start the day off and things don’t seem to be going right; from the alarm not working, to getting cut off in traffic, what’s your energy like when you get to the office? Do you take the time to recalibrate and put yourself in a better mood, or do you end up carrying that negative energy around with you for the rest of the day?

We can often get so caught up in our negative emotions that we don’t realize that we’re bringing them to completely unrelated situations. I know that I’ve had a negative experience with someone and I’ve brought it home without being conscious of it. I’ve also been on the receiving end of someone’s wrath that was just negativity carried over from something I didn’t have anything to do with.

I think that it’s important to be mindful of the energy we want to bring to every interaction we have before we enter into it. It’s particularly important to do this when we’ve had a negative experience and we’re aware that it has shifted our mood in a way we don’t want. The key is becoming more aware of our energy, mindful of the ways in which it can be altered by outside influences and how to shift it to where we want it to be.

When we’re aware of how our energy from past experiences can carry over into unrelated things, it helps us to become more understanding about the negative moods of others. Once we realize that most of the time, it really has nothing to do with us, we can stop taking things so personally and focus on the things that matter, like our own energy and making sure we practice mindfulness as much as possible.

I’m not saying that having this level of mindfulness on a consistent basis is an easy thing to do, but it is a practice that can only benefit us in the long run. There are many different tools and techniques that can help us increase our awareness. The key is to find one that works for you.

Whether you enjoy meditation, journaling or another practice to increase your awareness, they important thing is to do them regularly. Mindfulness isn’t something that happens overnight, it takes time and commitment and regular practice. If you can develop it as a habit, you will be pleasantly surprised at the positive effect it has on you and how you deal with challenging situations.

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