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April 13, 2020 Sandra Dawes

I’ve been looking for things to do that don’t involve watching the news or reading it or getting lost in social media. I’ve found 2 things that have helped and one of them might get me into trouble! The interesting thing is that the one that might get me into trouble was constantly showing me that sometimes the answer isn’t as complicated as we think it is.

The first thing I’ve started doing is getting ready for my first outdoor garden. Last year I planted seeds and had stuff growing inside, but it didn’t get to full garden status. This year, we’ve already plotted out where the garden is going to go and I’m already starting to see seeds sprouting 🙂

We’re getting pretty excited about the garden and many gardening YouTube videos have been watched 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of crops we get. I guess that will depend on what we can do to keep all the critters in our neighbourhood from enjoying it before we do!

The thing I’ve found that could get me into trouble, is an app that challenges you to make words out of the letters it provides you. I think I started on Friday and I’m already at level 101. See what I mean? It’s addictive! Thankfully, I’m not paying for it, so I’m limited to the number of games I can play in a day 😉

What drives me crazy about this game is that I’ll spot all kinds of not so obvious words and then get stumped on something as simple as this morning’s “form”. I’m pretty sure every time I sit there ready to give up because I just can’t see it, the answer will appear, and it will be something like “soy”.

Since it happened so much this weekend, I decided I was being sent a message that sometimes I complicate things when the answer is simple. I think I’ve been pretty good about not becoming fixated on the news or consumed by worry, but I do wonder what’s next. I guess I’ll take comfort in knowing that it’s possible that the answer to that question is simpler than I think 🙂

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