It’s not about you…

June 29, 2020 Sandra Dawes

Have you ever had those days (weeks) when there seems to be a common theme or concept that keeps popping up? Maybe it’s just me… 😉

A couple of weeks ago, the thought “It’s not about you” must have crossed my mind a handful of times. Some of those times were an observation about the frustration others were experiencing. A few of those times it was a reminder to myself.

It can be so easy to take things personally when in fact what’s happening has nothing to do with you. You might be inconvenienced slightly or even in a big way – but it’s still not about you. When I say that, I mean that what’s happening isn’t due to some mastermind plan to ruin your or my happiness.

But it is happening.

Maybe it’s happening for a reason. Maybe that reason doesn’t improve your life in any way, but maybe, just maybe what’s happening will impact someone’s life in a positive way. Maybe it will save someone’s life.

We are in a pandemic at the moment so you might thing this is a subtle comment on wearing masks, but I think it goes beyond what’s going on right now. I believe that what’s happening now is simply a magnifier for an issue that isn’t new at all.

For most of us, we have to be directly impacted by something in order to realize the importance of doing something about it. How many times have you heard or said “It’s not my problem” when talking to someone about an event or a situation? Would it be a problem if someone you knew or loved was affected?

It might not be about you on a micro level, but it may be on a larger level. Things aren’t happening to drive you crazy specifically. It is possible, however, that what’s happening now could affect you or someone you know and love either directly or indirectly.

Saying that it’s not about you isn’t to dismiss you concerns or feelings. What it is doing is challenging you to think about the bigger picture and if there is anything you can contribute to make it better. The choice is yours.

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