It’s okay to take a pause

July 6, 2020 Sandra Dawes

I saw a meme few weeks ago and I had to share it because it talked about the importance of aligning rather than hustling. I’ve included it below 🙂

“Hustle” has been a buzz word for a while. I think I may have even invested in programs that promised to help me hustle better. Before seeing this meme, I had already decided that I was over the idea of hustling and have been looking for something that feels better to me.

I feel like I was in hustle mode for a long time. If I thought I was hustling when I was working a 9-5 job and a part-time job, I have definitely felt like I was hustling as an entrepreneur. It took a long time for the concept of working smarter, not harder really hit home for me.

I love the idea of letting go of the need to constantly be hustling in order to be successful and not because it sounds easy. To me, being in alignment means that things are in a flow. It means less resistance and more acceptance and adjusting.

We’ve all been at that point of exhaustion where even writing your own name doesn’t come out right or made ourselves sick because we’ve told ourselves that we don’t have time to rest. I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t make time for rest, the body will take the time it needs where you like it or not.

Taking the time to rest, recover and reflect allow the journey to flow much easier. There are always going to be challenges to make our way through. When we take the time to rest and collect our thoughts, we’re better equipped to deal with the rough patches and find a way through them.

It can be difficult to let go of the hustle mentality and find a way to focus on alignment, but it is possible. Consider meditation or visualization to quiet the mind and seek answers when you feel like your spinning your wheels in mud. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I force myself to take a break and do something completely unrelated and answers I’ve been looking for appear.

Being in alignment instead of hustle mode still takes work. We have to be self-aware enough to know what we want and why we want it in order to start to get into alignment. Like the meme says, “rest, recovery and reflection are essential parts of the progress towards a successful life.”

Are you ready?

december, 2020

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