Listening to your intuition

August 25, 2020 Sandra Dawes

I had a conversation last week that reminded me that we often ignore our intuition because we don’t like the message. We pray or ask the universe for a sign to show you what your next step should be. Sometimes I think we forget that the sign could and often does come from within.

If we’re honest with ourselves, when we ask for a sign that something is happening or the right path to take, we already know the answer. The problem is that sometimes the answer isn’t one we like, so we’re hoping our intuition is wrong.

When we pray or ask for a sign, what we want is proof that what our gut is telling us is right. While we wait for “a sign”, our intuition is giving us all kinds of signs. We just often choose to ignore them because that’s not the answer we were hoping for.

Look for experiences in your past where your intuition has served you. Ask yourself if your intuition has ever steered you down the wrong path. If it has, ask yourself why you think that happened. Did you listen to your heart or did you try to reason with it?

Our intuition doesn’t necessarily follow logic. It’s often hard to explain beyond a feeling. The reality is that it does exist and we’ve been given this gift for a reason, why not make use of it?

december, 2020

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