Letting go of “how”

February 15, 2021 Sandra Dawes

I read an email on the weekend that talked about how the things we manifest happen when we let go of worrying about how the things we want will happen. This used to be one of my biggest hurdles when it came to visualization. I could always get clear on what I wanted, but doubt would quickly pop up and the question of “how” I was going to make these massive goals a reality.

I tell friends and family that my husband is a “master manifester.” I’ve seen him put out intentions into the world where I think – “how the heck is he going to make that happen?” He has shown me that when you stay focused on what you want, things start to align to assist you in making it happen. He also has rock-solid faith that a higher power has his back and is there to support him in whatever it is he wants to do.

As a self-processed realist, it has been a challenge to let go, and let God. I can’t help but think that God helps those who help themselves, so I ought to do my part to make my goals a reality. It takes a long time to figure out that worrying about how it’s all going to come together, doesn’t need to be part of the work that I do when it comes to realizing my dreams.

I’m seeing it happen in my own life right now. At the end of 2020, I decided that I wanted to focus more on my writing. All of a sudden (was it?) I started to get inquiries about my writing and I started 2021 with writing gigs and that’s continued into this month with new opportunities pending.

About 5 years ago, someone asked me what my dream life would look like and I remember saying I would love to get paid to write! At the time, I left it as a nice dream that I might get to at some point. In 2020, I gave that thought more attention and started to talk about it with my peers. That’s what got things going: putting it out there, focusing on that desire, and leave the “how” to the universe. I may have once been a cynic, but now, I am a believer.

february, 2021

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