Finding your happiness

October 9, 2021 Sandra Dawes

I read something the other day – I wish I could refer to it here, but I honestly don’t remember where I read it. The main point of the passage I read was that sometimes we tell ourselves that things must be done a certain way, but the only one making the rules is us, and we can change those rules that no longer serve us.

The timing of seeing that article was interesting. A few days after reading the passage and agreeing wholeheartedly with it, I was reminded that I was living my life as if I still had to live by the rules I lived by when I was working on a strict schedule where things need to happen between the hours of 9 to 5 (give or take).

As a freelance writer, I can do my work whenever I want to, as long as I meet the deadlines. While I work well with a routine, I found it hard to let go of my set schedule. I forgot that I chose to become a freelance writer because I wanted more control over my schedule and the freedom to work from wherever I wanted to.

It can be challenging to adjust to the freedom we want. It’s almost as if I had to be reminded that the shackles I wanted to be rid of were gone! It’s almost as if we struggle to permit ourselves to enjoy the freedom we want.

We shouldn’t feel guilty for finding our happiness. It’s essential to be grateful for the opportunity to experience moments of joy. Not only is it necessary to be thankful, but it’s also vital to enjoy the moments of happiness when we get them.

Being a freelance writer has its challenges, but it also has many benefits. When we make changes in our lives, we can sometimes lose sight of all the reasons we made the change in the first place. It’s not that I’ve lost my joy of writing, but I forgot that being a writer means I can write whenever the inspiration hits or the deadline looms.

Moving forward, I will leave myself open to living by a new set of rules and enjoy the freedom I’m experiencing while living in gratitude. ♥

october, 2021

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