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Lesson #1:

I’d been thinking about starting the daily lessons in A Course in Miracles again for a while.

I was excited to hear that Pam Grout was releasing her book on ACIM so I bought the Kindle version and it was on my device this morning 😊

Nothing I see means anything.

It seems simple enough until you start looking around you and tell yourself that even the hands I’m looking at mean anything.

It’s a humbling experience and I’m looking forward to the next 364 lessons to come.

What does the first lesson mean to you?

Lesson #2

I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me.

The meaning we give to EVERYTHING we see is OURS. It’s not going to be the same for everyone and that’s the kicker, isn’t it?

What do you see that you’ve given meaning?

How does it feel to say that none of what we see has means nothing but the meaning we’ve given it? 🤔

Lesson #3

I do not understand anything I see.

Taking yesterday’s lesson a bit further. I think this is one statement I agree with! 😉

Looking forward to seeing where tomorrow’s lesson takes me…

Lesson #4

My thoughts do not mean anything.


That inner critic that messes with us doesn’t mean ANYTHING!

That means that all that chatter telling you you’re not enough can kick rocks!

Lesson #5

I am never upset for the reason I think.

For me, this is all about triggers. We all have them. It’s our awareness of what they are that makes the difference.

When you think back to the last time you were upset, can you see how it was about more than the situation?

Once we know what our triggers are, we can do the work to neutralize them. ❤️

Lesson #6

I am upset because I see something that is not there.

I am going to remind myself of this the next time I’m feeling upset.

Why be upset about something that isn’t real?

Lesson #7

I see only the past.

Past experiences define so much of what we do in the present, whether we’re conscious of it or not. 😕

It’s what we use to set expectations for future experiences as well as to judge the actions and of others (and ourselves). We hear a lot about being present, and it is a lot easier said than done I’m going to continue to remind myself to focus on the present and let go of the past and worrying about the future. ✅

Time to soak in the awesomeness of right now! 😎

Lesson #8

My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.

Do you ever have those moments where you think about something you did or said and wished you had done it differently?

I do.


I’ve gotten better at calling myself out on living in the past, but it’s something that I have to work on consistently.
If I didn’t like the results those past actions provided, I should probably stop thinking about that and focus on what I’m going to do NOW to make a difference.

Lesson #9

I see nothing as it is now.

I’ve been thinking about something I heard once – that we’re all living in our own movies. That if we were to walk in on someone else’s movie of the same events, we’d be surprised.

Stuck in the past. The inability to forgive ourselves or others; they are lenses that distort our reality.

I see nothing as it is now.

Lesson #10

My thoughts do not mean anything.

Crazy, right?

But refreshing too… That voice in my head can say some crazy 💩, so it’s good to know that that’s all it truly is. 😉

Lesson #11

My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.

The first 10 lessons were just the start… Lesson 4 told me my thoughts don’t mean anything.

Lesson 8 says my mind is preoccupied with past thoughts.

If my thoughts are meaningless and I’m stuck in the past it does make sense that what I’m seeing is a meaningless world. 😲


Lesson #12

I am upset because I see a meaningless world.

Have you ever reflected on something you once thought was the end of the world and laugh at how minor it really was?

The next time I get upset, I’m going to remember to get out of my head and just let things be… 🙏

Lesson #13

A meaningless world engenders fear.

I’m just going to leave this one here without much commentary.

It does explain the current state of the world though, doesn’t it?

Lesson #14

God did not create a meaningless world.

I know some are going to be uncomfortable with this one.

I have had my own issues with God.

The thing is, whether you’re religious or not; if you believe in a higher power, then today’s lesson still applies.

When we aren’t in alignment, we allow fear to take over. We make the illusions real.

Today’s lesson is good news! God did not create a meaningless world. If you don’t see it, what are you looking at?

Lesson #15

My thoughts are images that I have made.

Here’s the thing. Most of the time we’re not in control of our thoughts. They’re on auto-play and repeating stuff from the past and using that to determine the future.

We do have the ability to take control of our thoughts. It takes work, but it is possible.

If your thoughts are making you unhappy, find a better feeling thought. I’m not talking about going from super sad to jubilant. I’m just talking about taking it one step at a time and finding a way to feel better about whatever has you experiencing negative emotions.

It’s kind of like Netflix – if you don’t like what you’re watching, you can just exit one thought in your mind and switch to something else! 😉

Lesson #16

I have no neutral thoughts.

Wayne Dyer used to say “When you change your thoughts, you change your life.” 🙏 Our thoughts create our reality. The good, the bad and the ugly – all our creation.

We’re either seeing illusions or creating our reality.

What are you choosing to focus on?

Lesson #17

I see no neutral things.

Have you heard the saying ” what you focus on expands?” Think about the last time you had a bad day…

Did one thing set the day off on the wrong path? Maybe you woke up late or had an argument with a loved one before you started your day.

If you don’t do something to shift your emotions, your entire day can go left.

It’s easy to blame the alarm or the individual you had the argument with. 👀

The reality is that you were in control the entire time. 😳

Are you having fun yet? 😉

Lesson #18

I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.

We hear a lot about energy and it can be easy to dismiss it as New Age BS until you take some time to truly understand it.

If you’ve ever had your mood shifted in a good or bad way by the mood of someone else, then you have an idea of what this lesson is talking about.

If you’ve ever been inspired to do something because of the achievements of someone else, then you’ve experienced this lesson.

We’re all connected, even if it doesn’t always feel like it. ❤️

Lesson #19

I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thoughts.

Whether the thoughts are good or bad, they are contagious.
Misery loves company, but a rising tide lifts all boats. ⛵

This is why we have to choose wisely when it comes to who we spend our time with AND be aware and mindful of our thoughts. 🤔


Lesson #20

I am determined to see.

Now we start to get into the good stuff! 😉

We’ve been talking a lot about illusions in the first set of lessons.

Now we’re being asked to see the truth.

Instead of being triggered by the past or distracted by the possibilities for the future.

It’s time to see things – good, bad or ugly with compassion, without judgement. 👀

It can be hard when we’ve been stuck in illusions we’ve created for ourselves for so long, but it is possible and doable. 👍🏽

Are you ready?

Lesson #21

I am determined to see things differently.

Have you ever gotten so worked up about something and then realized it was just because you misunderstood what was happening or being said?

I think it happens more than most of us would like to admit. 😕

Here’s something to try – the next time you view/see/experience something negative, say to yourself that you are determined to see it differently. 👁️

Lesson# 22

What I see is a form of vengeance.

A lot of us are living in fear. We’re afraid of a terminal diagnosis, economic downturns, crime and the safety of our loved ones.

These aren’t helpful thoughts. Instead of focusing on what you DON’T want, focus on what you DO want. ✅

It’s still a work in progress for me. I know that I feel better when I concentrate on the blessings I want rather than all the things I don’t want in my life.

I think it’s a better use of my time and energy, don’t you? 🤔

Lesson# 23

I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.

I’m going to throw in another Wayne Dyer quote for this one – “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 👀

Instead of thinking about the world as an angry, hateful world, look for examples or joy and happiness. 😊

It’s why a gratitude practice is so important. No matter how bad a day your having there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, including today’s lesson, that tells this we can escape the crazy world we think we’re seeing if we just let go of those negative thoughts that seem to haunt us sometimes. 🙏🏽❤️

Lesson# 24

I do not perceive my own best interests.

All of the lessons up until now have shown that, in one way or another what we are seeing and experiencing is an illusion.

If we accept that, then it’s fair to say that our perception isn’t reality, so it’s impossible for us to realize what really is in our own best interest.

This lesson asks that we think about some situations in our lives right now and say:

In the situation involving ___________, I would like ___________ to happen, and __________ to happen. 

The reality is that sometimes what we think we want isn’t always what’s in our best interest. 

This is why even disappointments can be blessings.

It’s why I’m a believer that EVERYTHING happens for a reason. 

Lesson# 25

I do not know what anything is for.

When I was in my teens and early twenties, I was pretty convinced I had it all figured out. 🤓

No one could tell me anything. 😏

Then my dad died and a bunch of 💩 followed and I realized that I didn’t really have a clue. 🤔

When we think we’ve got it all figured out, life has a way of showing us that there is always more to learn. 👀

Keep an open mind, be willing to learn and be willing to admit that you don’t know.

Easier said than done? 😉

Lesson# 26

My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.

You know that little voice in your head that’s constantly telling you negative stuff? Those are your attack thoughts. 😕

Thoughts of fear, thoughts that put you down or tell you that you are not enough are attack thoughts. 💭

The good news? They don’t mean anything! 🎉

This lesson says that they are attacking your invulnerability. If you aren’t vulnerable to anything, then those attack thoughts are useless.

We have to learn how to stop giving our time, energy and power to thoughts that don’t serve us.

It’s not something that will happen overnight, but I do think that the work to shift our mindset is worth it. 😎