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Achieving vision clarity

This isn’t a new topic for me to write about and there’s a reason for that. At the end of the day, if you don’t know where you want to go, then you won’t know what you should be going or where to get started. This lack of clarity is what leaves us with unexplained feelings of overwhelm, frustration and a lack of fulfillment.

Getting clear on the vision we have for our lives is the starting point for the identifying the action we need to take to get us there. Our vision is what determines our goals and what we need to do to make them a reality. Not having a clear vision is like going on a road trip but not having an idea of where you want to go. You might see some interesting sights along the way, but you’ll also waste a lot of time and gas as you drive around looking for somewhere to make you final stop.

A lot of us have never taken the time to figure out what it is we really want for our lives. Often, we’ve been living our lives the way we’ve been told we ought to. We go to school, pursue a post secondary education, get married and have children without consciously taking the time to ask ourselves if this is what we truly want. It’s the reason many of us suffer what’s called a “mid-life crisis”.

When we have lived our lives the way we’re “supposed to” and still don’t feel fulfilled, never mind content we start to wonder what the point is. Why didn’t we go off the beaten path? Why did we allow ourselves to get talked out of pursuing our dreams? These questions can add to our frustration, or they can be a wake up call. The good news is that it is never too late to get clear on the vision of your life you truly want and start taking action to create it.

So how do we get clear on our vision? I start off by asking my clients what they would their life be like if money and time weren’t an issue. This allows them to dream without censoring themselves by what we all perceive to be the biggest limits to living our best life. Once we remove lack of time or money as an excuse for why it will never be possible, we can dream big.

If travel is something that you want to do more of, then why not take the time to think of ways to make it possible instead of thinking it will never happen? If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do something, but can’t afford to go back to school or don’t think you have the time, are there videos you can watch online, or a one-day course you can take to get you started?

I know, from personal experience, that when you get clear on the life you want to create for yourself, the paths available to get you there start to reveal themselves. Clarity is the first step; taking decisive action is the next one. Getting clear on where you want to go and not doing anything about it isn’t going to get you anywhere. All it will do is leave you feeling even more frustrated and unfulfilled than before you gained clarity. Looking for a way to get clear on your vision? Check out a blog post I wrote a few years ago on Clarity on Your Goals where I talk about 3 different exercises I recommend to help you get started.

You own your time!

I was watching a show on the weekend where Harry Belafonte was being interviewed. He was being asked for advice on how to be a social activist today. Of course, Mr. Belafonte has had a lot of experience as a social activist from his work during the civil rights movement to fighting apartheid in South Africa. The person who was speaking with him thanked his and he said something that has stuck with me – he said the pleasure was his and that time is the only thing can give anyone since it’s the only thing he truly owns.

I believe that’s a powerful statement. Do you feel like you own your time or do you feel like someone else has control over it. I know that my greatest points of frustration were times when I felt like my time wasn’t my own. I wasn’t consciously choosing where my time was spent. I was doing things that other people wanted me to do, or things I thought they wanted me to do without considering whether it was the best use of my time. By the time I figured out it wasn’t time well spent, I had already too far gone.

When I’m at my most fulfilled, I’m doing the things that are important to me. They’re either things that bring me joy, or things that are going to bring me closer to achieving my goals. The sweetest spot, is when the things that I’m doing that help me get closer to my goals are things that I enjoy J

I believe there are three things you need to do in order to really own your time:

  1. Get clear on the mission and vision for your life
  2. Know what your priorities are and why they are important to you
  3. Set boundaries based on your priorities

When you have these three points covered, you have clarity on the activities that are a good use of your time. You know what to say yes to and what to say no to. You reduce feelings of frustration and overwhelm which has a positive ripple effect on your relationships!

Regardless of how much control you feel you have over your time right now, the good news is that things can always change for the better. You want to take back control of your time? Get comfortable saying no. Create a plan for how you want your day to go and be mindful of interruptions and distractions. Ask for help.

Want some help getting started? Schedule a 30-minute complimentary, no obligation call with me today!

Living on purpose

The other night I was thinking about situations I’ve found myself in over the years and how wrong they could have gone. I came to the conclusion that I’m still here because the work I was sent here to do isn’t complete yet. That realization comes with more questions though, doesn’t it? Specifically “what am I here to do?” and “am I doing it?”

I’ve understood for a long time that I am here to help others. Do what and how took a bit longer to gain clarity around. I believe that I am here to help others achieve their goals and create the life they want for themselves. While I am doing this in the work I do with my clients, I feel like I need to continue to do the work on a larger scale. I’m still working on the execution of how to impact more clients and I’m grateful for the reminder that the work isn’t done yet 🙂

There was a time when I thought that publishing my book would be my greatest contribution to the world. Now I’m hosting a podcast and the feedback has been great so far! I’m excited to see what’s next and where the next phase of my life will take me.

One thing that I know for sure is that there will be unexpected surprises along the way. If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be an entrepreneur, an author or someone who actually seeks out public speaking opportunities I would have said they were crazy. The more time I take to be mindful, the more self-aware I become and the clearer I become about what it is I want to do and the possibilities to make it all happen.

We all have a purpose. Some of us seem to know what that is almost from birth. Others take a little longer and some trial and error to figure it out. However the realization comes to us, once we know what our purpose is, life becomes a lot more interesting.

If you need some help figuring out your purpose, or how to live your purpose more intentionally, book a complimentary 30-minute, no-obligation call with me! 🙂

If you’re already clear on your purpose and living it fully, enjoy the ride! ♥

Be of service to others

I’ve come to the realization that the most magical moments in life happen when we stop making everything about ourselves. When we shift our thinking from “what can I get out of this?” to “how can I be of service?” I know that we are greatly rewarded. Is it as easy as it sounds?

I think that the challenge comes in our ability or inability to let go of the past and remain present. If we can stop thinking about past disappointments and remain hopeful that better is on the way, we become open to the amazing opportunities that are just waiting for us! They’ve been there the entire time, waiting for us to get focused and present 😉

When we’re present, we’re not beating ourselves up about the past or worrying about the future. We are in the now, aware, open and focused. We’ve all had moments in our lives when we’ve experienced this. It feels like the stars are aligned, and people comment on how lucky we are. We know the truth though don’t we? We were focused, doing what needed to be done when it needed to be done and not allowing anything to throw us off track.

We were in the zone, in alignment. Whatever you call it, you weren’t thinking about past “mistakes” or worrying about the worst case scenario happening were you? I haven’t quite figured out why we don’t hold on to that afterwards. Many of us, myself included, celebrate the victory and then become complacent.

Instead of thinking about what else is possible, we decide to take a break. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all need a break sometimes! I think the key is maintaining some positive daily habits whether you’re on a safari or hanging out on the beach.

This is why being clear on your big WHY is so important. Our WHY – the reason why we do the things we do, rarely has anything to do with us. Our WHY is usually about something, or someone we care about. That’s our motivator. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

If you’re not sure what your WHY is, you should download my workbook that helps you get clear on your priorities. It’s about understanding what you value in life and what those priorities mean to you. It’s also a great guide to managing your time so that your making time for the things that may be important to you.

It’s said that it is better to give than to receive. I believe that when you give, you always receive. When we are of service to others, when we realize it’s not about us as individuals, it’s so much easier to remain in alignment. It feels good to give. If we can hold on to that feeling and look for more ways to be of service, I think the world would be a much better place! We’d all be more fulfilled and living more purposeful lives. Isn’t that what we’re here to do anyways? ♥

How I made June my most productive month

I’m not typically one to brag, but I’m pretty proud of myself and my accomplishments over the last 6 weeks. After canceling my live event in April, I was determined not to allow it to make the first half of the year a bust. I wanted to feel like I had made significant progress and I had 2 months to do it.

After licking my wounds and following up with everyone involved in the conference, I decided to take my own advice and pulled out my Level Up Journal. It’s a tool I have that prompts me to think about my 90 day goals, outline a plan and then tracks my progress twice a day.

As of today, I’m 2/3’s of the way through my first 90 days and feeling like a superstar 😉 Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • Posted 2 videos on my YouTube Channel
  • 2 speaking engagements (1 in-person, 1 in a Facebook Group I was invited to do a talk for)
  • 9 podcast interviews completed
  • 3 podcast interviews as a guest
  • Facilitated 2 workshops (in-person and online)
  • Weekly Facebook Lives on my business page
  • Launched my podcast!!!

How did I do this? Well they haven’t mastered cloning yet, and no one’s added an extra day to the week or a couple extra hours to a day, so it wasn’t anything magical 😉 I would say the big thing has been clarity and focus. I knew I wanted to launch my podcast and I knew that I wanted to do more videos in order to expand my visibility, so here’s what I did:

  • Set daily intentions for what I was going to do to get me closer to my goals
  • Set 2-3 daily tasks that were “must do’s”
  • Reviewed my progress and identified what wasn’t working on a daily basis
  • Made time for gratitude and positive thoughts
  • Didn’t allow set-backs to discourage me – kept my eye on the prize
  • Set a deadline for the podcast launch and announced it publicly to hold me to it

The crazy thing is I believe that I could have accomplished more if I really wanted to! These last 2 months have made it clear to me that it’s never about time. When we know what we want and have an idea of how to get started, all we have to do it take consistent action! The plan isn’t going to work itself and no one is going to do all the work for you.

If you want to achieve your goals bad enough, you will find a way and the time needed to make it happen. You won’t allow anything to distract you and any disappointments you may encounter won’t derail you. If you’ve been struggling and feel like the first half of the year wasn’t what you hoped it would be, let’s chat! You can schedule a time for a free, no-obligation call here.

It’s time to get out of your head!

If you struggle with overthinking things, know that you’re not alone. We all have moments when we know what we want to do, but for some reason we can’t bring ourselves to do it. Our lack of certainty that things will work out the way that we want them to can leave us feeling stuck.

Analysis paralysis leaves us frustrated and overwhelmed when we know what life can be life if we actually take action. Instead of thinking about all the things that could go wrong and spending all of your time believing that it will happen, we have to focus on what could go right! You have to find a way to acknowledge the fear your feeling and take a leap of faith in spite of it.

Let’s be honest here, overthinking things leads to missed opportunities. You can miss out on a break that could lead you closer to your making your dreams a reality because you can’t get out of your head. There’s nothing worse than missed opportunities. Regretting not taking action after the chance has come and gone is a waste of time.

Instead of kicking yourself for missing out on something that would have helped you to realize your dreams, become more present. Rather than worrying about what could go wrong, focus on what you want to achieve and stay open to the possibilities that can get you where you want to go. An open mind and a positive attitude will make the journey to achieving your goals a lot more enjoyable. Focus on the things you want to happen and stop worrying about the chances of something going wrong.

As a recovering control freak, I can tell you with confidence that things are not going to always go the way you want them to, so stop fretting that stuff is going to hit the fan. At some point or another it will and there’s nothing that we can do about it. What we can do is control how we allow those let downs to affect us. Are we going to use them as proof that our dreams are impossible, or are we going to take it as a challenge and stay committed to the goal?

Nothing great was ever achieved overthinking the things we should do. At some point we have to take action. There are going to be no guarantees that things will work out the way we want them to, or even if they’ll work out the way they have in the past. We have to be willing to take that risk if we want to truly see what’s possible in our lives.

Once we’re clear on what we want, we have to be ready to take action. Is a plan useful? Of course it is. Creating a plan is part of taking action, but it can’t stop there. Stop worrying about the negative “what if’s” you’ve conjured up in your mind. Your time is better spent thinking about all the things that could go well. Focus on what you want and have faith that you’ll find a way to get there. Add an open mind and a positive mindset and watch the possibilities start to reveal themselves! ♥

If you need some help dealing with overthinking, join me for my 6 week Get Out of Your Head bootcamp designed to do just that! We start on Tuesday September 26. For more information and to save your spot, visit

Get Out of Your Head Bootcamp

This bootcamp isn’t about push-ups or burpees. This is designed to help you stop overthinking things so that you can take the action you need to make your goals a reality.

Easier said than done, right?

Let’s be honest, there are only 24 hours in a day and no one is short of things they need to get done. There’s nothing worse than wanting to make a goal a reality and feeling like your putting your heart and soul into it and not getting the results you want.

This bootcamp will help you in the following areas:

  • Achieve clarity on your short, medium and long term goals
  • Identify the people, thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back
  • Level up your confidence so you don’t get discouraged by inevitable set-backs
  • Create a 90 day plan to make your medium term goals a reality
  • Establish a daily routine that contributes to your success by creating positive habits

Once you complete the bootcamp you’ll:

  • Establish priorities, so the important stuff gets done
  • Have more confidence in yourself and your ability to make your dreams a reality
  • Be clear on what you need to do to get where you want to be
  • Easily identify when limiting beliefs are trying to hold you back
  • Know what you need to do to remain inspired and motivated to achieve your goals

This bootcamp IS for you if:

  • You have an idea of where you want to go, but aren’t sure where to start.
  • You don’t have a strong support system that “gets it”.
  • You’ve made some progress on your goals, but are getting discouraged by what feels like never ending challenges.
  • You’re determined to finish the year off on a positive note and carry that momentum into the New Year!

This bootcamp IS NOT for you if:

  • You’re looking for an easy fix. Making big, meaningful goals a reality takes work!
  • You can’t set aside 2 – 3 hours a week to work on your goals.
  • You’re comfortable with where your life is at right now and don’t see the need to change anything.
  • You’re not comfortable participating in a group setting.

How it works:

  • Weekly group calls (60 minutes) – recorded in case you can’t attend live
  • Private Facebook group to support your peers, discuss challenges, and celebrate successes!
  • Goal Setting e-book with weekly exercises
  • BONUS Shifting Mindset workshop – mp3 of workshop recording & PDF of workbook
  • BONUS Free ticket to the live Level Up Conference in Mississauga on October 4th.

This is a $1000 + value for only $197!

We start on Tuesday September 26! If you have any questions, please contact me at

Here’s what clients who have worked with me have to say:

Having a lifetime of experience and this being a second career for me, I needed help with the practical aspects of starting a business as well as the confusing (for me) social media, twitter etc. Sandra helped me plan my business for 12 months, using her concise, practical, no nonsense format, which even had a 90 Day To-Do List! How great is that!

L. Van Tassel

Sandra’s workshops helped me look inward and re-prioritize goals for both my personal life and business. She has provided me the tools to manage and overcome barriers and fears so that I keep focused. Before Sandra, I fell short at communicating my own needs and asks. I allowed other people to dictate what’s best for me which turned out to be best for them. However, today, I am more assertive and successful at negotiating and ensuring that my own needs are met as well as my clients.

C. Kenth

After working with Sandra, I have found the confidence to step outside my comfort zone. I am now doing things that I know will take me closer to realizing my goals. I have established a daily routine that has helped me to stay focused. It’s working so well that not doing it isn’t even an option for me anymore!

N. Almeida

5 Ways to get clarity

If you’ve ever felt stuck in the pursuit of your goals, you know how amazing it feels when you find your way through. When we achieve the kind of clarity that reminds you that it is possible, things start to come together in a way that almost feels magical. Achieving clarity sometimes takes longer than we’d like it to. The key is to be patient and do what you can to help the process along. Here are 5 ways I’ve identified that have helped me gain clarity. I’d love to hear yours in the comments 🙂

  1. Read or Listen to books

    There are so many great books out there written by people who have taken leaps of faith and lived to tell the tale. Whether you’re thinking about starting your own business or going on your first solo travel adventure, there’s a book that shares the good, the bad and the ugly of the journey. It’s nice to know that you’re not alone in facing obstacles, and it’s motivating to know that others have found a way to achieve their goals, regardless of the challenges.

  2. Find a mentor

    Anyone I know who has had a mentor, has nothing but good things to say about the experience. If you can connect with someone who has accomplished whatever goal that you’re working towards, connect with them and see if you can meet with them. Some mentors charge a fee for their time, but it is money well spent if it can save you time and or money as you work towards achieving your goals.

  3. Join a mastermind group

    I’m a big fan of mastermind groups! I love the brain trust that’s created when a group of individuals come together ready and willing to support each other in the pursuit of their goals! You get the benefit of the variety of skills, experience and expertise of each member of the group. They bring a diverse perspective that can challenge you to think outside the box, where the answers are waiting 🙂

  4. Brainstorm ideas on your own

    Sometimes all we need is some time away from the issue to refresh and regroup. Give yourself some quiet, distraction free time and think about what’s possible without limiting yourself. Don’t worry about the how it’s all going to happen, focus on what your next step needs to be and consider all the options that can get you there. We often know the answer; it’s just a matter of quieting the chatter around you and in your head so you can hear it.

  5. Hire a coach

    My latest breakthrough came through work with a business coach. Much like a mentor, a coach is there to help you gain clarity. They’ve worked with clients struggling with similar challenges; they know the right questions to ask to help you see the possibilities. Once you gain clarity on the next steps, you’re coach can work with you to hold you accountable to taking action and support you along the way.

Gaining clarity is a great feeling. Whether you’re feeling stuck with life in general, with your business, your relationship or your career; not knowing where you want to go next can be frustrating. The good news is that there are lots of ways to find the clarity you’re looking for. You just have to decide which path you want to take.

I’m hosting a webinar on Wednesday August 9th 7:30 pm EDT, where I’ll be talking about the 5 Ways to end 2017 with a Bang! Click here to register for the call.

Wanting more

This idea for this blog post came to me like many of them do – having a thought about something and then reading articles and books that discuss the very same theme. I just celebrated my birthday and while I’m grateful for all the blessings that have come my way, I will openly admit I want more. There was a time when I would have thought that there was something wrong with that, but now I realize that there isn’t.

Wanting more is a sign that there is a burning desire in us that has yet to be fulfilled. This isn’t a bad thing; it’s a call to action! You might be wondering what exactly it is you’re being called to do, and the good news is that’s the first step in the journey – to get clear on what it that will bring you fulfillment.

Once you get clarity on what “more” looks like to you, then it’s about creating a plan to bring what you’ve identified into your life. This is where the real work begins. You have to be willing to do new things and step outside your comfort zone in ways you hadn’t imagined before.

Based on my own experiences with wanting more, know that you will encounter resistance. This push back will come from friends, family and of course ourselves. Here’s the thing, once you want more, there’s no turning back. You can’t hide that desire under a rock or even a highly guarded safe. You may try to ignore the call, but don’t be surprised if it won’t leave you alone!

Feelings of anger, frustration and overwhelm are all signs that you it’s time to do things differently. Ignoring the call will only increase the frequency and intensity of the negative emotions. Surrender to your desires. This is your chance to truly live your life on purpose, to share your gifts and to express gratitude for the life we’ve been given.

Don’t feel bad because you want more for your life. Remember that it’s simply a sign that there is more waiting for you. The path to creating the life that you want will have its share of challenges. These experiences give us a better understanding of who we are and what we’re capable of. The key is to stay focused, have a strong support system and to believe that you are worthy of your heart’s desires.

What do you want more of in your life? ♥

Knowing your why

It’s a catch phrase that’s been around for the last few years. You hear it a lot in entrepreneurial circles (or at least I have). What’s your why? This question is meant to illustrate your purpose, the reason at the root of everything you do.

I haven’t always been clear on my why. If you had asked me what my motivation is for the things I do 20 years ago, the answer would have been “because it’s expected of me.” It wasn’t until circumstances made me question whether or not that was the way I wanted to continue to live my life that the answer changed. If I’m asked what my why is now, I’d say that it’s to be the best I can be in each moment so that I can help others do the same.

Your why, your raison d’être, your reason for being; whatever you want to call it, should be something that inspires you. It’s the reason you get out of bed in the mornings, even when every cell in your body wants to sleep in. Sure you might say that paying the bills is what gets you out of bed, but paying the bills to do what? Are you working towards freeing yourself so you have more time to be with your family, or are you just working to put money in the bank?

If there’s one thing that I’ve realized in my work with clients and in discussions with friends and family, the truth is that at the end of the day we all just want to be happy. What that happiness looks like for each of us will be different, but that is the common thread. It isn’t just about surviving, but thriving.

If you’re not sure what your why is, think about what life would be like for you and those around you if everything worked out the way that you wanted it to. Would you be travelling the world, or volunteering your time to a worthy cause? Maybe you’d simply spend more time with loved ones and be there to support them in whatever way they need. Remember, this is about what motivates you to keep going, not what you think should motivate you.

Getting clear on the reason I do the things I do has been a life changer. It has helped me to get clear on my priorities, which has helped me establish boundaries. I no longer live my life the way I think other people expect me to; instead I live my life in a way that fosters continuous growth and learning. Whenever I get the chance I do things that feed my soul and give me a feeling of fulfillment that was once lacking in my life.

If you’d like some clarity on what your motivation is, I’d love to help! Book a no-obligation discovery call with me here. ♥